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In this section, we have identified named individuals with purchasing authority at over 540 of the UK's largest housebuilding and contracting firms.   Updated for Spring 2017, you can view the full list at the end of this article (you must be logged in) or download it as a spreadsheet in MS Excel format from the downloads page.   Email addresses have been included with approximately 40% being name-specific to the contact.   In addition we have, for the first time, included Twitter handles for the vast majority of entries.  Furthermore, we have identified those entries that appear in the Top 150 Contractors league table published by Building magazine.   Non-subscribers may purchase the database separately for £60 + VAT by clicking here or by contacting us.

(Other Contractors/Consultants - we have also compiled a supplementary database containing details for over 300 contractors with specialist disciplines, such as facilities management, building maintenance, fit-out and refurbishment, building services, etc.   This database includes named contacts and email addresses and is available for subscribers only.   It may be downloaded from the Downloads page).

Although somewhat dated, the UK Government's July 2013 publication 'The UK Construction Industry - an economic analysis of the sector', posits that the UK has some 234,000 businesses in the construction contracting sector which they defined as those businesses involved in:

  • Construction of buildings, e.g. commercial, residential
  • Civil engineerin,g e.g. roads, tunnels, bridges, utilities
  • Specialised construction activities, e.g. electrical and plumbing installation, demolition and site preparation, plastering, painting, roofing, etc.

Whilst during the most recent years the industry's economic fortunes have been transformed, meaning that the statistic may require some adjustment, we think that it still provides a good general guide to the number of active companies.

With such a wide and varied range of trades and disciplines, there are, needless to say, numerous varied media opportunities for manufacturers and service providers to target the sector.   In terms of trade shows,we have identified over 280 UK construction exhibitions scheduled for 2017-18, most of which will target specific sub-sectors of the industry and thereby attract contractors active in their respective field(s).   For example, the CIH Housing exhibition targets the social housing sector, whilst in broader terms, UK Construction Week estimates some 55,000 contractors and professionals will attend from all sub-sectors.   You can view the list of 280+ UK Construction Exhibitions here or download it as a spreadsheet from the downloads page.

Similarly, many of the industry's 300+ journals reach contractors either in specific sub-sectors with publications such as 'Housebuilder' or broadly via titles such as Construction News.   Our index of 300 UK construction industry journals provides circulation and advertising data and also a short profile of the target audience for each title.   It can be viewed here or downloaded as a spreadsheet from the downloads page.

The industry plays host to many 'Meet the Buyer' events across the country every year and these can be particularly useful to product manufacturers/suppliers since, generally, they provide forums for short, pre-arranged, one-to-one meetings with senior buyers from many of the UK's major contracting and housbuilding firms.   We have included a seperate section for Meet the Buyer events in our Construction Events Calendar.

Finally, relevant UK trade bodies can also prove to be sources of useful information and there are many established to represent specific, individual disciplines within the broad contracting sector.   For example, The Builders Conference has a large, nationwide membership of contractors, sub-contractors and consultants, and provides comprehensive tender information, whilst, as of March 2017, Build UK represents the interests of 11,500 specialist contractors.   Our indices of UK construction industry trade organisations includes a database of 185 bodies which specifically represent those contractors and professionals operating in particular fields such as brickwork, roofing, plastering, plumbing, heating & ventilating, drywalling, facilities management,insulation, drainage, etc.   You can view the list here.

Database of Buyers at 540+ UK Contractors and Housebuilders (you must be logged-in to view):




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