Editorial Contacts in UK Construction

It may be stating the obvious, but editorial coverage, digital or traditional hardcopy, can not only provide excellent levels of publicity, but can also help to build trust and credibility in a product.   As diverse and fragmented as it may be, in terms of journal coverage, the UK construction industry is very well served with over 330 journals covering every niche, sector and subsector, offering product manufacturers and service providers highly targeted promotional opportunities.

In order to support your PR activities, we continually maintain this unlimited use database of named editorial contacts for each of these journals, which you can view online below or download in MS Excel format from the downloads page.  Each entry provides the named contact and designated editorial email and postal addresses (editorial postal addresses are sometimes different from the main publishers' addresses).

A few key points to consider when submitting press releases:

  • Content should aim to educate rather than overtly promote
  • Consider what the editor needs:  ideal subject matter will disseminate information which is likely to impact or affect the specific journal's readership, such as new product innovations, events, topical project specifications, generic technological advances, achievement of standards, accreditations, etc.
  • A source list of people/facts referenced in the article
  • When the content relates to technological advances, focus on the benefits
  • Maintain a regular flow of press releases to gradually build awareness, not spasmodic infrequent splurges
  • Attach striking images and, if possible, links to related video and other digital content
  • When disseminating the news, give priority to the editor(s), so delay posting on in-house blogs, websites and on social media

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330+ Editorial Contacts in Construction Database:

If you are not logged in, you will see below only information from those publications who have enhanced their entries.   You will need to Log in to view and download the full list.   Non-subscribers may purchase the database separately for £50 + VAT by clicking here or by contacting us.


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