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Listed below are details of over 290 of the UK's civil/structural engineering practices, last updated May 2018.   It may also be downloaded in MS-Excel database format and includes a senior contact name for each practice, together with address, telephone number, website and email address.

Civil Engineers
In order to simplify the role of the civil engineer, the ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers) explains that “civil engineers are responsible for virtually all the great structures around us today and throughout history” and for major projects sea ports to airports, roadways to runways and dams to bridges, in which they play a major role in the construction and maintenance.

The title Civil Engineer is a broad one and includes a range of specific professions (structural engineer, mechanical engineer, etc).   The journal NCE says they are:

• Clients who buy projects and professional services
• Designers and contractors who specify the products and equipment used to build projects
• Involved in procuring services and goods to manage the maintenance of the finished schemes
• Responsible for making sure the environment is protected and preserved
• Involved when projects are decommissioned, ensuring minimum damage and inconvenience to the local ecology and community

Needless to say, they play an important role in the selection of building products, material and services, and the major players are often larger construction services groups offering a range of activities including design, project management, construction, engineering services and FM.

Structural Engineers
The Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE) explain the role saying, "If we think of a structure as a human body then structural engineers design and maintain the skeleton.   They are the guardians of public safety, ensuring that buildings and bridges are strong enough to withstand all kinds of stresses and strains.

"They are a key part of the design and construction team, working alongside architects to create and maintain all kinds of structure - from houses and skyscrapers to sports stadia and oil rigs.

"They are creative, trustworthy problem solvers who shape all aspects of our built environment, developing innovative solutions to allow construction in the most challenging environments."

Direct promotions and social media aside, specific targeting of the sector by construction product and service providers is possible through focused media such as the digital journal, New Civil Engineer (NCE), and its online equivalent, which has a circulation in excess of 50,000 and is distributed to all members of the Institute of Civil Engineers in Europe.    Structural Engineer is the house journal of the Institution of Structural Engineers.   Published monthly and distributed to more than 17,000 structural engineering professionals, it showcases both civil and structural engineering products and services.

Other publications focused on the sector include Concrete Magazine and Infrastructure Intelligence, a monthly printed (digital version also available) journal launched in 2014 by the Association for Consultancy and Engineering.

The 2013 Construction Media Index indicated that the way engineers sourced product information was evolving but the use of product directories and readership of trade journals remained strong. Also it found that both printed and digitally produced brochures were still in demand. Interestingly, when looking for technical support, the Index found that sample specifications were important and, although NBS is intended primarily for architects, it was regularly used by a quarter of Civil Engineers.

This directory includes a database of over 330 UK construction industry journals for viewing or downloading, with details including ad rates, circulation data, and sales contacts (with email addresses).   In order to find those which include civil engineers amongst their circulation, download the database, select the 'main readership' column and enter the term "engineer" in the search box.   For the support of PR activities, please view or download our separate database Editorial Contacts at 330+ UK Construction Journals, which includes editorial-specific email addresses for each publication.

There are over 200 construction exhibitions detailed in our UK Construction Exhibition Calendar; however, Civils Expo* (part of UK Construction Week), The Concrete Show, and Civil Infrastructure & Technology Exhibition (which is now part of Infrarail) are amongst a number of dedicated events in the profession's calendar.

A number of awards ceremonies cover the sector and can offer sponsorship and promotional opportunities – examples are the British Construction Industry Awards and The Structural Awards.   The Institution of Civil Engineers also holds a series of awards across the UK each year.   There are over 115 construction industry awards schemes which offer sponsorship and promotional opportunities in the Construction Industry Awards section.

The ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers) supports over 80,000 members across the world and offers suppliers a range of advertising opportunities to reach this market.   In addition, it organises specialist events* for professionals – many of which offer promotional opportunities for suppliers, e.g. ICE BIM and the Civil Engineering Triennial Summit.

The Institution of Structural Engineers has over 27,000 members working in 105 countries around the world and similarly offers promotional opportunities through its programme of events.

Infrastructure project leads are available from a number of organisations such as Barbour ABI (our sales leads section details over 20 firms).   Barbour ABI also collate and publish the data for the UK Government's Construction & Infrastructure Pipeline, which, at the time of writing, sets out plans for over £500bn worth of public and private investment into Britain’s economic and social infrastructure and includes over 720 projects and programmes across the country.   Infrastructure-specific reports are available from BMI Research.

(Other Contractors/Consultants - we have also compiled a supplementary database containing details for over 300 contractors and consultants including engineering disciplines, such as M&E, BSE, etc.   This database includes named contacts and email addresses and is available for subscribers only.   It may be downloaded from the Downloads page.)

*Construct UK is a media partner for these events

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