Housing Associations, ALMOs, etc.

The Database
Updated in June 2018, our list of social housing organisations, below, details over 500 Key Housing Associations, ALMOs, TMOs, etc., accounting for approximately 3.8 million housing units (either owned or managed by housing associations).  Where they are part of a group, this is indicated, and there are around 36 of these which, whilst they have their own name (and sometimes their own website), the contact details are the same as the group's.   There are a few members of groups, who have different contact details, but the same contact person.

The database version includes the number of housing units per organisation.   This may be downloaded in MS Excel format from the Downloads page, where entries include named contacts for procurement, addresses, telephone numbers, websites and email addresses.   All entries include a named contact and, in terms of entries containing named email addresses, in the latest edition the number is 317.   Generic email address entries number 154 and 9 are designated 'email via website'.    Non-subscribers may purchase the database separately for £50 + VAT by clicking here or by contacting us.

The Market
In its last report covering the sector, Housing Associations Market Report 2016-2020 (20% discount to Construct UK subscribers), AMA Research estimated that UK housing associations accounted for 2.9 million homes.   95% of the homes provided were managed by the top 400 associations, with Sanctuary H.A is still the largest housing association in England followed by London and Quadrant.   In 2014-15, housing association new build completions were 25% higher than in the previous year.

The change in the market's status can be considered further by looking to David Beckett's 2014 ONS report entitled, Trends in the UK Housing Market 2014, in which he posited that there were 27.8 million residential properties in the UK and that, in the year 2011-12 there were some 2,746,688 housing association properties, 2,189,392 local authority owned properties, and 75,000 other public sector owned properties.

According to AMA Research, “There is currently a period of unprecedented change in the sector, with changes to the welfare system and a greater use of the Affordable Rents Model representing new challenges.   In addition, the policies of the government to increase the supply of affordable housing are now firmly focused on home ownership rather than affordable housing for rent.   A number of housing associations are considering building more private rented housing – known as ‘build to rent’ - to fund development.   Indeed, some major housing associations have now dropped affordable and social rent from their development plans, in a response to government cuts and changes outlined in the 2015 Budget.”

Direct promotions, social media and trade shows aside, specific targeting of the sector by construction product and service providers is possible through focused media such as the journals Housing Association, Inside Housing.  and Housing Association Building & Maintenance.   This directory includes a database of over 300 UK construction industry journals for viewing or downloading, with details including ad-rates, circulation data, and editorial contacts (with email addresses).

The Chartered Institute of Housing's annual conference is the largest event in the social and affordable housing calendar.   At the time of writing, the 2018 edition will held on June 26th-28th, and is expected to include over 300 exhibitors with a comprehensive programme of seminars and presentations.   There are over 200 construction exhibitions detailed in our UK Construction Exhibitions Calendar.

Trade Organisations
The key representative bodies are:

Community Housing Cymru - http://chcymru.org.uk/
National Federation of Tenant Management Organisations - http://www.nftmo.com/tmo.html
National Housing Federation - http://www.housing.org.uk/
Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations - http://www.nifha.org/
Scottish Federation of Housing Associations - http://www.sfha.co.uk/

Database of Named Procurement Contacts at 500+ UK Housing Associations (you must be logged-in to view or download):


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