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This section provides details of more than 20 organisations who supply details of planning/ project leads to the UK construction industry and includes sources of free-of-charge project information.

These organisations offer comprehensive data on construction projects nationwide, and generally cover new build, refurbishment and fit-out of commercial, industrial and residential buildings.   Mostly, the data is collected daily or weekly by a network of dedicated researchers, largely based on submitted planning applications, and the systems they use continually track the progress of each project and update the client on each stage of the planning process.

The range of services supplied can often be filtered according to sector, region, project type, timescale and/or project value.   The level and range of services provided vary and most are available on a subscription basis, whilst a couple provide free access to data (as you will see when you click through from the index).  Some firms specialise in providing data on the very largest planned developments, whilst others will specialise in small, residential developments and home improvements/extensions.  

The provision of information on a given project's key contacts is normally standard from the dedicated project lead providers, although some will give additional features.   For example, the supplier providing UK as well as worldwide project data will also include updated satellite imagery of individual construction projects along with the ongoing information monitoring the planning and construction process.

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We have also provided details of specialist organisations who provide lead enhancement services.   These services generally support their construction industry clients by analysing the project leads on their behalf, sifting out those which are not useful, and leaving those which provide the most likely specification opportunities for the client’s products or services, thus freeing up sales staff to focus on the most likely prospects. Others, such as Crannull, offer further support such as telephone canvassing of prospects to filter opportunities and/or arranging meetings.

Free Construction Project Leads Trial
In order to allow potential suppliers to evaluate how project leads can help thier businesses, Barbour ABI offer a free trial providing details of ten projects that can be selected from industry sectors, locations, project stages and development types. Details here

Getting the Most from Planning Leads
In his article entitled, 'Planning, Tender and Contract Sales Leads. How Do You Get the Best Value Out of Your Subscription?', David Crick of Contractors Marketing Services provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to using project leads and, amongst the many recommendations, he suggests that you should:

• Run a benefits analysis and ask current and past clients why they use you and then work out how you can communicate these values to new contacts
• Focus really well on your strengths with your leads selection – make sure you can justify development of each and every lead selected. Don't chase too many leads - but make a really good job of developing your new contacts into good relationships.
• Understand the value of well-directed persistency and the ‘Law of Seven' – every positive result takes on average at least seven contacts to achieve – full article a combination of telephone calls, emails/letters and meetings.
• Once your campaign commences, write an effective letter after the call:  follow the AIDA principle – Attention. Interest, Desire, Action.   This letter is the first tangible part of your company they will see and is the first promise you will fulfil.   Make sure you communicate the right message.

You can read David's full article here.

Other Resources
Needless to say, attending exhibitions, reading the trade press (in-print and on-line) and joining construction-specific social media groups are very useful resources for researching and identifying project opportunities. Construct UK maintains an index of over 300 UK construction industry journals and a calendar of circa 275 UK construction trade shows

Construction Sales Lead Providers
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