Our database provides an index of around 30 companies whom we have identified as experienced exhibition stand designers and contractors. In addition, we have included a short list of companies who supply fixtures and fittings (e.g. literature display units, shelving, velcro, etc.) for exhibition stands. Please click here to download the database (you must be logged in). See also our regularly updated index of 280+ UK Construction Industry Exhibitions.

Selecting and Appointing Stand Designers

Exhibiting at a trade show represents a major commitment in both time and money, so getting the exhibition stand design perfect is a major priority. Considerations need to be given not just to the design, stand positioning, proximity to competitors, etc., but also the stand’s usage – is it for a one-off or several events, will it be used for international trade shows as well, how many staff will it need to accommodate and therefore what storage will be required, etc. Employing a good stand designer and contractor should help avoid many of the pitfalls, but in order to ensure every eventuality is covered, it is worth drawing up a list of ambitions and requirements before discussions begin. In order to help with this, specialist stand designer and contractor, ISOframe has published 5 Vital Considerations When Buying An Exhibition Stand. (See also our article Exhibiting at Trade Shows.)


For further details of stand designers and builders, the trade association ESSA (Event Supplier and Services Association) has some 100+ members listed in the stand design and stand contractor categories of their member directory. In order to save time researching and obtaining prices, they offer an online service whereby exhibitors may submit a single invitation-to-tender form containing comprehensive details of their stand requirements, including event, location, budget, etc. ESSA will then circulate this to their appropriately selected members who will provide quotations and proposals. Click here for details.


Grand Stand 5: Trade Fair Stand Design (by Sarah de Boer-Schultz and Jeanne Tan)
The latest and fifth edition in the Grand Stand series, contains projects representing a varied selection of trade fair environments from around the world, from stands occupying cosy corners to those spanning supersized spaces. The book is categorised according to theme: apparel, architectural products, consumer products, electronics, interior products, lighting, mobility, services, shoes & accessories. Each stand is presented on 2 to 6 pages with an explanatory text about the design, project credits, photography, a company profile and contact details. Outlined are the challenges that designers must overcome, e.g. due to space limitations and lighting logistics, with technical information (drawings, plans, sketches, etc.) provided to help further explain the design process from concept to execution.

Grand Stand 4: Design for Trade Fair Stands (by Marlous van Rossum-Willems and Carmel McNamara)
Comprising over 500 pages, the book looks at 133 examples of stands from 85 different trade shows, and considers all aspects of the creative process of exhibition stand design, including how to deal with challenges such as restrictions of space and limitations of lighting, etc.

Grand Stand 3: Design for Trade Fair Stands (by Marlous van Rossum-Willems and Sarah Schultz)
The book encompasses 150 projects representing a varied selection of remarkable trade fair environments from around the world - successful designs ranging from stands occupying small areas to those spanning supersized spaces, all of which have grabbed the attention of visitors to major commercial events.

Grand Stand 2: Design for Trade Fair Stands: Corporate Presentations (by Clare Lowther)
Grand Stand 2 presents current developments in fair stand design in a double volume publication. The nearly 200 presentations featured in this book are successful examples, ranging from stands occupying small areas to those spanning supersized spaces.

Stands: Innovational Design (by Jacobo Krauel)
This volume contains some of today's most creative and innovative trade show designs. Renowned international architects have contributed their finest work, which pushes the boundaries of this exciting and ever-evolving area.

Exceptional Exhibition Stands (by Jacobo Krauel)
Full colour photographs, plans, sketches and detailed explanatory texts provide insights into each of the featured projects. For architects and designers in the field, as well as for students, this book will surely be an invaluable source of inspiration.

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