Apart from the obvious potential of increased profits, a successful export campaign can help not only to increase the resilience of overall profits, but also spread business risk, improve productivity and increase the return on investment and research & development.

According to the UK government's Department for International Trade (DIT), UK construction businesses already export more than £6bn in products and £3bn in services every year, and, whilst some firms in the industry may consider exporting either daunting, inappropriate or perhaps even impossible, the opportunities can be considerable – regardless of business size or industry sub-sector. Moreover, many may actually find that working internationally is not quite as different as they had first imagined, since, whilst the territory may be new, the working environment could prove surprisingly familiar, insomuch that specifiers will want details of product performance, design options, certification, etc., distributors will want to discuss areas such as marketing support, technical assistance and logistics, and contractors are likely to ask about issues such as security of availability, speed of delivery, costs, etc.

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