Self-evidently, research is a vital prerequisite for any export plan and, although available at a cost, commercially produced reports can prove invaluable by providing fast, almost immediate, sector specific market information whilst saving many hours in research time.

There are many thousands of reports available at any one time, produced by hundreds of researchers and publishers, making research into the research a task in itself. Research and Markets offer a fast and easy way to find out what is available by acting as a one-stop-shop for market reports and papers. Clients can easily sort publications according to construction sub-sector, country or region of interest. In addition, it is possible to sort reports by publication date.


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The following organisations have been identified as producing construction market data and the majority offer bespoke research services on a commercial basis (click here for details our article on UK construction market research firms):

Austria WIFO - Austrian Institute of Economic Research
Belgium Association for the Quality of the Economic Indicators of the Construction Industry
Czech Republic STEM/MARK
Denmark The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies
Finland Forecon Ltd
France BDO Advisory
Germany ifo Institute
Hungary Buildecon Ltd
Ireland EY-DKM
Netherlands Economic Institute for Construction and Housing
Norway Prognosesenteret AS
Poland Polish Construction Research & Forecasting
Portugal CBRE
Slovak Republic ÚEOS- Komercia a.s.
Spain The Catalonia Institute of Construction Technology
Sweden Prognoscentret AB
Switzerland Swiss Economic Institute
North America
Canada BuildForce
Canada Construction Forecasts
USA BRG Building Solutions
USA Plunkett Research
USA Principia
South America
General Schlegel und Partner
General - based China & India BRG Building Solutions
General HVS (Construction hospitality sub-sector)
China / India Schlegel und Partner
Middle East
General - based Dubai HVS (Construction hospitality sub-sector)
General Ventures ME
General - based South Africa HVS (Construction hospitality sub-sector)

International Construction Industry Market Researchers