The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) is the national body of Chambers of Commerce across the UK - a network that serves member businesses and the wider business community. The BCC supports and advises businesses in all areas of International Trade development and intelligent exporting, and has a worldwide network of Bilateral and International Chambers of Commerce. It offers a wide range of services for exporters from all industries and market sectors. The International Trade section of its website provides information on a wide range of services and resources as well as help, advice and details of chamber led missions and events. Services include:


  • Training in all aspects of world trade
  • Export documentation services
  • Market research and online intelligence
  • Credit checks and letters
  • Export planning
  • Translation services and multilingual marketing material
  • Inward/outward trade missions and fairs
  • Export clubs and international networking
  • Consultancy projects
  • Tender advice and opportunities
  • Specialist advisory services
  • Letters of credit
  • Market focused programmes
  • Introduction and contacts with local and central players in government

Export Steps and Measures

All BCC Accredited Chambers are equipped to provide professional advice to experienced and new exporters at every stage of the exporting process such as:

Export Procedures:

  • Customs tariffs
  • Documentation requirements 
  • Licensing 
  • Shipping terms 
  • Methods of payment 
  • Letters of credit

Export Documentation:

  • Arab-British Certificates of Origin
  • Admission Temporaire (ATA) Carnets - passports for goods that are not for sale but accompany business trip overseas 
  • Import certificates
  • Shipping news 
  • EU Certificates of Origin

Certificates of Origin:

  • To meet customs requirements in the importing state
  • To meet ‘quota’ requirements imposed by the importing country 
  • To comply with banking requirements 
  • For other official and commercial reasons

Export Finance:

  • Cash in advance - the ideal
  • Open account - if you know your buyer well 
  • Collect on Delivery - more security where you have yet to establish a relationship 
  • Letters of credit - security for the buyer and seller

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