Sources of company data

A quick and relatively easy way to find details of competitive products already available in the UK construction market is to consult the main sources of product information used by the UK’s specification community.

The principal sources are electronic on-line product directories, trade media and exhibitions.


Product Directories

There is a number of product directories available, mostly now online only. The leading on-line directories covering all construction sectors include:

Please see the full list of over 50 directories published in our database here (you must be logged in to access this).


With respect to the printed media there are over 330 journals covering the UK construction industry. The leading journals for the industry, with significant editorial coverage and highest circulation, are “Building” and “Construction News”. Contact details for these, and all the other, publications can be found in our Journals database (you must be logged in to download this).


Attending trade exhibitions can provide new suppliers to the market with an excellent introduction to the market and there are many sector-specific trade shows enabling suppliers to comprehensively explore the competition currently operating within their field of activity. A comprehensive database of around 280 exhibitions held in the UK’s construction industry may be downloaded here (you must be logged in to access this.)

Construction Industry Reviewing the Competition