Our database provides details of over 200 of the UK's building surveying practices and complements the separate database of 180+ UK Quantity Surveying Practices. Whilst the duplication of firms in the two lists has been kept to a minimum, there is inevitably some overlap. However, it should be noted that the individual contact names provided for each entry have not been duplicated and have been selected according to their primary role, i.e. in this list all contacts have a managerial or directorial responsibility for building surveying functions.

Each entry includes a senior contact name together with address, telephone number, website and email address (92% of the latter being name-specific).


Marketing to Building Surveyors

In order to summarise the role of the building surveyor, the RICS states, “Building surveyors are involved in all aspects of property and construction, from supervising large mixed-use developments to planning domestic extensions. This varied workload can include everything from the conservation and restoration of historic buildings to contemporary new developments.”

In terms of the specification of products and services, building surveyors may have influence (or, in some cases, authority) in the selection. Needless to say, this will occur in significantly fewer cases than, perhaps, an architect, but nonetheless they represent an important group for suppliers. We are not aware of any recent research into the levels of the specification influence of the building surveyor, so we must refer back to 2002 when The Builder Group and Barbour Index commissioned NOP to carry out research to “provide marketeers with data to guide their advertising and promotion decisions”. Whilst somewhat dated, the findings do still provide a useful guide to the influence which industry professionals have on the selection and specification of products. The results suggested that, of the professionals “involved in specifying the types of product or materials used in projects”, 4% were building surveyors (compared, for example, to 24% for architects and 30% for contractors).

Direct promotions, social media and trade shows aside, specific targeting of the sector by construction product and service providers is possible through focused media, such as the RICS publications Built Environment Journal and Modus. If you are logged-on you can download our database of over 330 UK construction industry journals, providing media details such as circulation data, sales and editorial contacts (with email addresses), and readership profiles. In order to find those which include surveyors amongst their circulation, simply select the 'main readership' column and enter the term surveyor in the search box.

There are over 280 events detailed in our UK Construction Exhibition Calendar; however, the RICS Annual Building Surveying Conference is a dedicated and key event, generally held each spring (normally in May) and includes an exhibition area for suppliers to present their services/products. You can find the details here.

Construction Industry Marketing to Building Surveyors