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  • 1,200 UK Architectural Practices (inc named contacts)
  • 540+ UK Contractors & Housebuilders (inc named procurement contacts)
  • 300+ Other Contractors/Consultants (inc named contacts)
  • 500+ UK Housing Associations & ALMOs (inc named procurement contacts)
  • 290+ UK Civil & Structural Engineering Practices (inc named contacts)
  • 260+ UK Builders' Merchant Chains (head offices - accounting for 10,000 branches - inc named procurement contacts)
  • 170+ UK Building Surveying Practices (inc named contacts)
  • 160+ UK Quantity Surveying Practices (inc named contacts)
  • 1,300+ Public Sector Procurement Contacts (inc names)
  • 850+ Interior Design Companies (inc named contact)
  • 135 UK Local Authority Planning Offices
  • Named Editorial Contacts at 330+ Journals
  • Media Data at 330+ Construction Industry Journals (inc named contacts)
  • 280 UK Construction Exhibitions
  • Specialist Marketing Agencies (inc named contacts)
  • Market Research Agencies
  • Mailing List Brokers
  • PR Agencies
  • Media Monitoring / Press Cuttings Agencies
  • Literature Design Agencies
  • Literature Translators
  • Product Directories
  • Industry Awards
  • 140 UK Construction Trade Associations - Product Orientated
  • 180 UK Trade Associations - Professional Orientated
  • 100+ Other UK Construction Trade Associations and bodies
  • Conference Venue Finding Agencies
  • Conference Organisers
  • UK Exhibition & Conference Venues
  • Stand Designers
  • 850+ Construction Exhibitions Worldwide 2018-20 (excluding UK)

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