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The UK construction market is the second largest in the EU and is estimated to be worth over £100 billion on an annual basis. Over the last few years, recognising the critical need for new housebuilding and the vital role that general construction has in spurring economic growth, the UK government initiated a series of major schemes and investment programmes aimed at boosting the industry. These initiatives, combined with substancial investments from the private sector, have resulted in a significant rebound in construction activity across all key sectors, offering a wealth of export opportunities to international construction suppliers targeting the UK market. Some of the survey headlines from 2014 include:

  • 'Value of construction projects in the UK rockets by 67.1% in 2013' (Jan/Feb 2014)
  • 'Double digit growth for housing and commercial signals increasing construction confidence' (Feb/Mar 2014) 
  • 'Construction firms report brightest outlook for business activity since January 2007'. (Mar/Apr 2014)
  • 'Construction product manufacturers expect sales to rise in Q2 and over the next year' (Apr /May 2014)
  • 'Construction activity set to rise by more than 7% in 2014'(June 2014
  • 'Construction product manufacturers report fifth consecutive quarter of rising sales' (June 2014)
  • 'Construction firms report brightest outlook for business activity since January 2007'(July 2014)
  • 'British market keeps on improving' (Aug 2014)
  • ‘Architects remain confident on future workloads’ (Sept 2014)
  • 'Sharpest expansion of construction output for eight months' (Oct 2014)
  • 'Office construction starts predicted to rise by 23% in 2015' (Nov 2014)
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How We Will Help You to Find Your UK Distributor / Business Partner
As well as publishing The Exporter’s Guide to the UK Construction Market for over twelve years, Construct UK is a specialist research and information provider benefiting from over 30 years’ UK construction industry experience which includes marketing and promotion of building products, materials and services from across the world.

Drawing on our extensive resources and unique network of industry contacts, our Distributor Finding Service is a cost-effective solution designed to help you find the most suitable UK-based business partner with established links in the construction market. A typical programme would include the following activities and would incur an average cost of €1850 (Euros):

  • Research into the relevant market sector and provision of a report on the number and range of companies already active and an assessment of the sector’s potential.
  • Research and identification of potential business partners based on suitability, e.g. existing client base and supply-chain links, resources, sector positioning and profile in marketplace.
  • Telephone campaign to obtain appropriate contact names, generally at Director level.
  • Promotional campaign to develop interest. Typically, direct mailing of literature and proposal details; however, campaigns can be extended to include other activities such as advertising and exhibition attendance when appropriate. Copy-writing, translation and proof-reading support for all marketing material.
  • Thorough telephone canvassing campaign to assess and then develop interest from prospects, with full step-by-step progress reporting to client, culminating in a short list of most suitable interested parties.
  • Exchange of contact details between all interested parties and arrangement of introductory meetings as necessary.

The most suitable programme of activities depends on the nature of the product(s) or service(s) and the relevant sector(s). If you would like us to provide a detailed, fixed price proposal, free of charge and without obligation, please email us and provide a brief outline of requirements or request further details.

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