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generally include email addresses. Whilst often name-specific, these email addresses possess exclusively corporate suffixes, e.g. joebloggs [@] The databases do not contain any personal email address information, e.g. joebloggs [@] Construct UK is a member of the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) who have produced a range of guides relating to direct marketing in relation to the GDPR. On the specific issue of B2B marketing via email, they have produced a helpful summary.

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  • Architects

    £85.00 excl VAT

    Named Senior Contacts at 1,270+ UK Architectural Practices.

  • Builders Merchants

    £65.00 excl VAT

    Named Buyers at 260+ UK Builders Merchant Chains (accounting for 10,000+ branches)

  • Building Surveyors

    £55.00 excl VAT

    Senior Contacts 200+ Building Surveying Practices

  • Civil & Structural Engineers

    £65.00 excl VAT

    Senior Contacts 290+ Civil & Structural Engineering Practices

  • Contractors & Housebuilders

    £65.00 excl VAT

    Named Buyers at 540 UK Contractors and Housebuilders

  • Housing Associations

    £65.00 excl VAT

    Procurement Contacts at 525+ UK Housing Associations

  • Interior Designers

    £75.00 excl VAT

    Interior Designers Database – Named contacts at 800 UK Interior Design Practices.

  • Market Research

    £25.00 excl VAT

    25+ Professional Market Research Database of Agencies with Construction and Related Experience

  • Marketing / PR Agencies

    £55.00 excl VAT

    180+ Marketing and/or PR Agencies, with Construction Industry Experience

  • Quantity Surveyors

    £55.00 excl VAT

    Senior Contacts 180+ Quantity Surveying Practices

  • Translators

    £25.00 excl VAT

    35+ Professional Translators with Construction and Related Experience