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In this section, we have compiled what we believe to be the most comprehensive index of forthcoming international construction exhibitions commercially available.   This makes it an invaluable resource for existing and potential exporters seeking promotional/distributor-finding opportunities or who wish to undertake some preliminary research into a potential market.   Updated throughout the year, the list can be viewed below (you must be logged-in) and is provided in country order.   Generally, over 850 events are listed at any one time and a downloadable MS Excel database version is also provided so that events can be sorted by date or alphabetically for event name (last updated September 2018).

Through its ‘Trade Show Access Programme’, UK Trade & Investment provides financial support to UK-based construction businesses seeking to exhibit at certain international construction trade shows.   In order to find out more and which events are covered, see our article 'UK Government Support for Exhibiting Overseas'.

As covered in our article, Exhibiting at Trade Shows, committing to an exhibition, whether in the home market or overseas, is likely to prove demanding on resources, finances and time.   Exhibiting internationally requires additional planning for preparation of suitable literature, stand graphics, hiring of translators, etc. (see our index of translators with construction industry experience).   Research into local cultures, working practices and traditions is also likely to be an important factor.   In order to help with this research, a very useful, free of charge, guide has been produced by international stand designer, CEP International, entitled ‘International Exhibiting Tips’.   This country-by-country publication provides essential information for the exhibitor on the various customs and standards around the world - everything from expected dress, to negotiation styles, etiquette and practical information, such as the voltage used for electrical equipment.   Further useful information appeared in Brian Todd's article in The Exhibitor magazine, entitled 'Four Steps to Foreign Exhibiting', which considers issues such as travelling, exhibition deadlines, and the impact of currency conversions and fluctuations on employing stand contractors, etc.

If considering exhibiting overseas, it is also worth remembering that the British Exporters Club offers its members a discount – equal to the full amount of commission (being anything between 5%- 20%) they would receive from an international exhibition organiser for any client delivered to them for their exhibition.   For details, click here.

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850+ International Construction Exhibitions (excl. UK – see 280+ UK Construction Exhibitions):


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