Before opening an office, deciding on the direct sales route, or appointing a representative in the UK, preliminary research will need to be undertaken to assess the suitability of the market for your products/services.

Construct UK is well-placed to provide such specialist services, from identifying and researching suitable business partners to simply providing information on companies with established supply chains to a given sub-sector. Read further details here.


Such preliminary research should address issues, including:

  • Background to the market sector’s size and demand
  • The current level of activity from competitors
  • Competitive product prices, quality and origin (local or imported)
  • Does the product fill a need not already addressed
  • What is the product’s unique selling proposition
  • What technical standards will need to be met
  • Post-sale servicing policy arrangements
  • Preferred distribution channels & methods, i.e. distributors, sales agents, retailers, wholesalers

If the appointment of a distributor or sales agent is the preferred method of supply, a number of other issues will need addressing in advance, including:

  • What product/installation training will be required
  • What are the sales margins for the distributor/agent
  • Other sales incentives for the distributor/agent
  • Contractual arrangements
  • Will it be an exclusive or territorially limited arrangement
  • What marketing support can be provided to the distributor/agent
  • Supply of literature and translation of literature if required
  • What other on-going support can be provided

Fundamental to the success of your UK sales programme will be the selection of a good agent/distributor. In order to help you find suitable partners for your business, the following organisations can help:

British Chambers of Commerce

The BCC have offices throughout the UK and can put you in touch with potential business partners operating within your market sector.

Trade Associations

There are many trade associations representing specific interests connected to the UK construction industry and these can often prove to be good sources of potential business partners operating in your market sector. Comprehensive listings of these associations may be downloaded here.

Agent Base

Agent Base can connect companies with suitable sales agents.

Sales Agents UK

Sales Agents UK can connect companies with suitable sales agents.

Construction Industry Finding a Distributor/Agent